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3D Rendering Engine

What is ViEngine?

ViEngine is a fundamental 3D rendering platform, built on 7D Vision's 3D graphic engine technologies. Its powerful real-time graphics processing capabilities make it excel in large-scale terrain, intricate industrial complex rendering, and fluid simulation. ViEngine creates stunning lifelike 3D representations of rivers, lakes, and oceans. Furthermore, ViEngine is highly compatible with the current operating systems, ensuring unwavering reliability.


Powerful Graphic Rendering Capability

Exceptional rendering capability with

  • Support for resolutions up to 8K
  • High frame rate output at 50 FPS or higher

It ensures industrial users access to superior graphics quality rendering.

Realistic Material Rendering

ViEngine utilizes Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) techniques to simulate the natural behavior of light, producing realistic and precise imagery. Through ray-tracing and VFX methods, it accurately computes the interactions between light and surfaces, yielding lifelike material properties, thereby achieving an exceptional level of realism.

Large-Scale Terrain and Industrial Complex Rendering

ViEngine has remarkable rendering capabilities for large-scale terrain, intricate industrial complex, and fluid simulation. These features cater to a wide range of industries, including digital twinning and industrial simulation, meeting diverse requirements.

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