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ViPano Studio

VR Video Stitching Software

What is ViPano Studio?

ViPano Studio, our panoramic real-time video stitching software employs the real-time stitching technology to synchronize and capture live feeds from multiple camera angles. Regardless of the number of cameras involved, this software can instantly correct and stitch video images, applying real-time adjustments for a naturally transitioning effect.

ViPano employs edge feathering techniques in overlapping areas to achieve smooth transitions. Furthermore, it calculates adjustment coefficients based on brightness differences across all overlapping camera views to ensure consistent overall brightness.

The 360-degree video stitched by ViPano can be transmitted using signal protocols such as RTMP, SDI, NDI, and SMPTE 2110. It is then made available for viewing on live streaming platforms or within VR headsets.


Support for Various Panoramic Shooting Modes

The ViPano software collection offers support for various shooting modes, including 180° 3D stereoscopic, 360° 3D stereoscopic and 360° panoramic. It empowers content creators with artistic VR video production tools, enhancing their capabilities in the immersive media landscape.

Real-Time Preview

ViPano Studio facilitates real-time video stitching on virtual reality headsets and monitors, effectively minimizing the need for extensive editing in post-production.

User-Friendly Interface

ViPano Studio provides a one-step enhancement function with built-in color correction, color grading, adjustments for exposure, white balance, and more. This streamlines the content creation process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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